Excel Robotics installed a Bomar 520,360 CNC Band Saw in October 2012. This is the first of its kind in Australia with the capability of automatic mitring from -60°to + 60° with a 3200mm continuous feed. We have the capability to process mill packs of RHS.

At 3.5 tonne and 18 meters long our cutting capabilities are endless. We currently process between 15 to 145 tonnes per month of fabricated components, dependant on intricacy & degree of technicality.

Our automatic 350 cold saw is capable of producing high quantities of very accurate parts including Bright bar and Stainless Steel.



Excel robotics is a Dynamic, Diverse, Steel Fabrication Company Specialising in High Fatigue Fabrication and Welding of Vibration Equipment and SMP (Structural, Mechanical, Piping)


Excel robotics has the latest technology in robotics and digital welding systems, producing high quality products at a low cost


Excel Robotics process between 15 to 145 tonnes per month of fabricated components, dependent on intricacy and technicality


Excel Robotics have our own state of the art powder coating plant to provide a complete one stop package for all our clients

Our Vision

To exceed our customer’s expectations by constantly producing high quality fabrication in the safest, most efficient and professional manner possible