Robotic Welding


Excel Robotics has the latest technology in robotics and digital welding systems allowing us to produce high quality products at a low cost along the way ensuring the safety of our staff is paramount. By using automation and excellent extraction systems our staff exposure to the welding is reduced by 100%. We process on average 180 tonnes per month with astonishing amounts of kilometres of robotic welding. We call this clean manufacturing, the way of the future, by using automation we not only protect our staff but we also  think of the environment , doing our best to protect the world we live in by reducing our power consumption and consequently reduce our “carbon foot print”.

In addition to general fabrication we  produce various automotive components, ladder racks, Ute tray attachments, chassis components, Anchor bolts, Fan hanger brackets, commercial building fitting, and pipe work. Our commitment to our customers with quality & service is only the beginning.

Robot Welders:

  • 2009 OTC A11-V6L
  • 2006 OTC AX-V6L
  • 2006 OTC AX-V6
  • 2002 Motoman UP20 Horizontally Mounted with 3 x External Single Axis Rotators



Excel robotics is a Dynamic, Diverse, Steel Fabrication Company Specialising in High Fatigue Fabrication and Welding of Vibration Equipment and SMP (Structural, Mechanical, Piping)


Excel robotics has the latest technology in robotics and digital welding systems, producing high quality products at a low cost


Excel Robotics process between 15 to 145 tonnes per month of fabricated components, dependent on intricacy and technicality


Excel Robotics have our own state of the art powder coating plant to provide a complete one stop package for all our clients

Our Vision

To exceed our customer’s expectations by constantly producing high quality fabrication in the safest, most efficient and professional manner possible